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Butterfly Maiden - American Indian Goddess
Butterfly Maiden - American Indian Goddess
© Sharon George 2012
transparent gif      Butterfly Maiden is an American Indian Goddess about whom many stories are told. According to a Papago legend, the Creator made butterflies to gladden his heart when he perceived the impermanence of life. He took a spot of sunlight, some blue from the sky, the whiteness of cornmeal, the blackness of a beautiful girl's hair, the green of pine needles, and the red, purple, and orange of flowers. He put them in a bag which he gave to the children. When the children opened the bag, thousands of multi-colored butterflies danced about them, lighting upon their skin.

     The Medicine of Butterfly is the power to know one's mind and to transform one's life through wisdom. It is a never ending cycle of planting, growing, harvesting rewards, and planting again the seeds of spiritual seeking.

     Butterfly Maiden sees herself in the world. She is aware of herself as a microcosm within the macrocosm. She seeks her truth adorned with the vibrant colors of Gaia, sharing her beauty with no conceit as she joyfully dances through the day.

To learn more about butterflies found in native lore, click here.

This image was published in 2004 by Hay House as part of a goddess oracle deck by Dr. Doreen Virtue. You can discover more about Dr. Virtue's work here.

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