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UPDATE: In January I will be starting a new collection of Goddess Art. Expect monthly additions to the work here.
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MY NAME IS RED - A Cat's Tale
by Sharon & Stan George © 2013
Our work with feral and abandoned cats has led us down another road. We're writing a fantasy trilogy about our beloved pelted friends: My Name Is Red - A Cat's Tale.  Book One - The Prophecy is finished and Book Two - The Quest, is well underway. Sanctuary is the title of the third book.

This story of a tribe of ferals living in the Green, and all their adventures, has been gifted us by Spirit, and is based upon the many experiences we've had doing rescue work, loving and observing The Kin. The books are fantasy, however, and filled with Earth Magick. We've spent three years on this project and have the promise of many more delightful, purpose driven days with this labor of love. They also bear a message that we hope will raise consciousness about the plight of homeless animals, the importance of neutering your pets, and the cruelty of abandonment.

If you're a lover of fantasy and/or animals, we guarantee you'll LOVE My Name Is Red - A Cat's Tale

Enjoy sample chapters of The Prophecy & The Quest at our new website: My Name Is Red . The site also has resources and links to help animal lovers.

The TRUTH About Feral Cats
100% of them who are caught by Animal Control are sent to shelters and euthanized. 100% of them are the result and responsibility of HUMAN BEINGS abandoning their pets and/or refusing to neuter and spay their pets. They're dumped, they breed, and a feral colony has begun.

They have nothing to eat. Less than half of kittens born feral survive. They're often anemic from fleas and weakened by intestinal worms. They are cold in the winter, wet when it rains, hit by cars chasing females and fight with each other for mating privileges and scraps of food. They are prey for coyotes and some dogs and are even abused by misguided or cruel human beings. The life expectancy of a feral cat is three years of brutal existence. It's sadistic to abandon a pet.

They can live improved lives (not ideal, but better) through the Trap/Neuter/Return programs run by Feral Cat Coalitions in major US cities, especially if they have a care-giver to feed them once they're fixed. This neutering of ferals is FREE to the volunteers who trap them, and Animal Welfare Programs offer free medical help for ferals in your colony and strays in need. Feral kittens, if caught before or around 6 weeks can be easily socialized, fixed, and given to loving homes. The population then stabilizes.

I know many people who give up their free time to help ferals. You'll find them in alleys at midnight, trapping and feeding colonies. Often neighbors or landlords blame the caregivers for the feral population. This is a misunderstanding. The cats were already there, born on the property. Cats are territorial. They won't leave EVEN if you don't feed them; they'll only starve, fight, and carry diseases. If you have Animal Control round them up and kill them, more will move into that opened niche. There are simply too many ferals to solve the problem by having them euthanized. The most humane and the LEAST EXPENSIVE method for taxpayers of dealing with ferals is Trap/Neuter/Return.

If you get involved, you'll discover an army of generous souls patrolling our alleyways and abandoned structures, feeding, caring for, and above all trapping and fixing the millions of feral cats in our cities. We owe them a debt of gratitude. The ferals know that.

FACT: There's a feral cat for every man, woman, and child living in America. Cats are NOT an indigenous species. They have been domesticated since before Egyptian civilization and need homes.

If you have space in your loving home and heart for a pet, please think RESCUE. Your Humane Society and local, private rescue shelters are brimming with abandoned cats and feral kittens who need loving homes. Rescued cats are GRATEFUL. They will love you forever for giving them a home. Cats are intuitive. They know who is kind to them and repay that love tenfold.

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Link to  Animal Activism  Click on the link to reduce animal suffering. Activism WORKS!
After 8 years of feral cat rescue work, my husband and I are writing a trilogy of fantasy novels:
My Name Is Red - A Cat's Tale
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